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The Secret to learning how to drive fast!

There is one fundamental trait of very fast drivers…… they all know how to maximize the momentum of a car through all types of corners; in other words, maximize the "G's". Anyone can mash the right pedal down but how do you learn how to carry maximum momentum in cornering? The secret is doing time in a well prepared, great handling, but lower powered car. Like any athletic skill, it takes time to become acclimated to all of the forces and inputs involved to become good at something. And high speed driving, as you know, involves an unprecedented amount of information to be processed and dealt with at any moment in time. So how does a person build up to intuitively processing all of this input? The key is to minimize some of the upsetting factors until you build the skill and reaction time to deal with them expediently. Since we are trying to learn "momentum" driving, we don't want to minimize the suspension or grip because that is the key to carrying momentum. What we can do is minimize the power input, not by detuning the motor, but by selecting a car that runs in a popular, but slower class with a competitive driving organization.

So what car can I get that is available, affordable and has lots of competitors to run with? The perfect car to learn these skills, in my opinion is the 1978 - 83 911SC. It offers a very solid chassis, the very reliable 3.0 liter motor and can be made to handle superbly with the right preparations. Buckley Racing has developed a very potent formula for preparing these cars to be PCA class legal but have the potential to set class track records. With turn key cars available or build to spec, we can help you achieve the skills needed in superior car control that will immediately transfer to higher powered cars if that is your ultimate goal.

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