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New light weight 3-piece wheels with offsets to fit 1978 - 1989 Porsche 911's and some other year models with proper flares.

Sizes are 8" x 15" and 9" x 15" to fit Hoosier 225/45/15 and 275/35/15 R6's.

These wheels have 5 spoke, forged aluminum centers that are CNC machined to exacting tolerances. The halves are high strength, spun aluminum fastened together with 12.9 metric cap screws, hardened washers and lock nuts.

Advantages to the smaller diameter wheels:

  • Lower center of gravity by approximately 1".
  • Lower unsprung weight by 40 lbs compared to CCW 17" wheels.
  • Lower final drive ratio by approximately 6%.
  • Low cost - Call for pricing
  • Allows fittment of 275/35/15 tires on the rear

Fire extinguisher mount – 911/911 turbo (1965-89) Part no. 010001 $69.95

This affordable fire extinguisher mount allows you to place your Halon filled fire extinguisher in a very accessible location between the seats of your 911 based track car. The mount uses existing bolt locations to place it in position on the tunnel and directly above the parking brake pivot point. The parking brake and heater control levers remain accessible and operable. You will need enough space between the seats for the nozzle and handles. The extinguisher bracket holds the fire extinguisher in only 1 position. The space will require 2.25 inches on the passenger side and 2 inches on the driver’s side at a point 8.5 inches above the steel floor and 5 inches in front of the parking brake pivot

Battery Cut Off Switch mount – 911/911 turbo (1965-89) part no. 010002 $49.95

Just about all forms of racing require a battery cut off switch whose operational controls are accessible to someone outside of the car like a corner-worker. This easy to install switch mount takes the chore out of fabricating a special mount for the switch. The mount is a bolt on item.

6 pole cut-off switches – $45.00

Pull Cables - $25.00

Rear sway bar mount - 911/911 turbo (1965-89) Part no. 020001 $89.95 each side

In recent years 911 based race cars have moved toward stiffer and stiffer sway bars. The stock mounting point was never designed to handle the loads placed on it by these very large sway bars. The stock and even the revised mount is not strong enough to deal with the forces involved. This extremely strong rear mount will make rear sway bar mount failure a thing of the past. It has been race tested with the stiffest sway bars available for four years with zero failures. This part requires welding and fabrication skills for installation. It is designed for use with OEM and aftermarket performance sway bars 1977 to 1989. It can be made to work with earlier bars by changing the sway bar mounting hardware to the later version. It is welded over the original mount on the transmission side in the same relative position.

Front sway bar reinforcements - 911/911 turbo (1965-89) Part no. 020002 $69.95 pair

Modern developments in 911 based race car construction lean toward stiffer and stiffer sway bars. Although midyear and later 911’s use front sway bars that mount under the chassis, the new bars are through the chassis designs. This places loads on the chassis in a location or amount that the chassis was not designed to handle. The result can be cracks around the sway bar mounting area of the chassis. These specially designed reinforcement plates (figure 1) will help keep that area strong and crack free. The plates can be used without welding on a chassis that has not yet cracked. They will require welding if the chassis has already cracked.

Tow hooks - 911/911 turbo (1965-89) Part no. 0030002 $49.95 each set

These flame cut powder-coated tow hooks will bolt on to the stock bumper-shock mounting points for use with fiberglass bumpers or can be directly bolted to stock bumpers. The multiple holes allow the same pieces to work for both the front and rear. Fiberglass bumpers must be slotted for installation.

Front and rear tie down hooks - 911/911 turbo (1965-89) Part no. 030003 $39.95 pair

This simple tie down hooks will work on either end of the car. For the rear install the hook between the shock and the trailing arm. In front install the tie down parallel to the ground under the a-arm mounting bolt closest to the front bumper.

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