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I have recently completed my new PCA Club Race "E-class" project. It started life as a 1978 911SC Euro non-sunroof coupe. I converted it to a later Euro (204 HP) motor and built a proper Euro 915 transmission with a SM 5th gear and a Guard clutch-type limited slip differential. To take advantage of a newly adopted PCA Stock class rule, the carpet was deleted, interior taken down to metal and painted Grand Prix white along with the roll cage. In its first outing, I set a new "E" class track record at Texas World Speedway of 1:54.1 sec. and won 2 out of 4 sprint races. I DNF'd the other two races due to getting hit in the first one and clutch failure in the second.

In my second race weekend at Heartland Park, I won 2 out of 3 sprint races and narrowly missed setting a track record by 0.1 sec! In the third race, I was leading the race, on the last lap when my fuel pump seized, putting me out. That's Racing as they say....

My next project is building a Spec Boxster. I just purchased a 100K mile, 1997 Boxster and will get started with the conversion soon. Look for updates through the Summer!

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