BHP Headers

“Bolt-on Horse Power”

BHP headers are computer designed performance headers utilizing modern “merge collector” technology. These quality units are all 304 stainless steel and are true equal length, “step” header with state of the art merge collectors and a diverging/converging cone secondary. Initial tests from dyno runs (see graph below) indicate a gain of OVER 10 HP and OVER 10 Ft-lbs of torque from a stock 3.0 liter Euro model SC against the most popular racing headers currently available. This first model will provide the best gains on all 2.7 to 3.2 liter 911’s.

Design Points:

  • All 304 stainless construction, welds back purged with argon
  • Mandrel Bent tubes
  • True equal length design
  • Step design, 1 .625” OD primary tubes stepping to 1.75” OD.
  • Burns Stainless merge collector with diverging, converging cone.
  • Computer designed
  • Designed for ease of valve cover removal for maintenance.
  • Designed for elimination of vibrational cracking.
  • Includes capture support bracket with stainless steel band clamps
  • Includes high quality exhaust gaskets & copper plated, washer faced lock nuts.

Please call for price and availability. This package includes mounting bracket, gaskets and mounting hardware as pictured. Orders are being accepted. Call 817-239-7969.

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